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Content accessible via the REANNZ network

REANNZ's network is different from traditional telco networks. It's a research and education network, which means that all by itself, it enables access only to specific parts of the internet. To access the rest, you have to subscribe to REANNZ Internet (or sign up to another internet service provider) as well.

This is a list content our members can access via the REANNZ network without subscribing to REANNZ Internet. The list is constantly growing as REANNZ forms partnerships with different content providers. Additionally, we're always seeking to understand what content is most appropriate for our members and seeking to add that, too.

Follow this link if you need to check whether a website is available via our network. Also check out the Resources page on our Wiki.

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New Zealand Content

National Library

The National Library is one of the country's richest sources of digital content and services.

Massey University


NZ Digitisation Initiatives

The National Digital Forum maintains a register of digitisation initiatives across the country. The selected destinations below are all accessible via KAREN.


School Use

International content

Thanks to REANNZ's peering relationships with the rest of the world's R&E networks, a wealth of content and services is available over our network. A selected list of highlights is given below.


International Network Partners

Academic Databases and Resources


North America



Teaching Resources International

Not yet on available via our network

The following sites are of interest to our members but are not yet available via our network. These can still be accessed via ordinary internet.

New Zealand


by Dr. Radut.