eResearch NZ: Shaping the Digital Future; Opportunities for Australia & NZ Science Communities

This year eResearch has four streams, each designed with a specific segment of the research community in mind. 

1. Strategic Executive

Goal: To gather key stakeholders to work together to achieve a combined focus for digital transformation in research.

Suggested topics:

  • International and National views.
  • Framing NZ in the international context
  • Where are we going?
  • What are the major drivers of change?

2. Research Innovation

Goal: Using peer to peer sharing of innovative work practices to influence research communities nationally.

Suggested topics:

  • Where and how is NZ Research active on the international stage?
  • Advances in use of IT- enabled research methods and the application in future research
  • Emerging trends and application of digital technologies to advance NZ capability and promote innovation
  • Application of techniques applied to interesting/specific research activities with emphasis on national and international collaborations

3. Research IT Technical

Goal: Building awareness and engagement with IT practitioners involved in the Research Community.

Suggested topics:

  • New developments in Computer Science / Research
  • Service and project reviews
  • New services in support of research and institutions

4. Early Career Researchers

Goal: Helping researchers in their analyses by encouraging sharing practices with fellow researchers, and an opportunity for professional development and mentoring.