Access to a super-fast national network

The REANNZ network is hundreds of times faster than a standard internet connection, allowing seamless two-way interaction and almost instantaneous sharing of data over long distance. Members pay a fixed charge for unlimited, unadulterated broadband connectivity.

Access to our network reduces friction for users, freeing up researchers, educators and innovators to do what they do best: research, educate and innovate.

A first-world connection, for a first-world nation

We don't make a habit of boasting, but this one is all about value for our members. We have been recognised internationally for providing one of the top, research and education computer networks in the world. REANNZ membership gives Kiwi researchers the ability to gather and manipulate the same data that researchers from the world's leading universities use. Large-scale facilities, highly-distributed sensor networks and high-volume data sources can be virtually brought to New Zealand in a matter of seconds.

Our connection to the world-wide NREN community means our members can connect to and collaborate with over 200 million researchers, scientists, educators and students around the globe.

Leading-edge thinking and specialised tools

The services we provide are typically not available in the commercial market. They are tuned for ‘big science’, but also leverage economies of scale for regular, everyday users.

Our engineering team is available to provide advice on nearly any aspect of our members’ network infrastructure, including monitoring and measurement tools, managed devices and hardware and advanced security solutions.

REANNZ engineers collaborate with their international colleagues in the same way New Zealand’s researchers do. We work together at the bleeding edge of technology to build the tools our future networks will need. And we take expertise gathered from our colleagues around the world to ensure our network is always operating at its best, giving our members a stable and reliable infrastructure in which to conduct their business.

Join a community

REANNZ members share a commitment to research, education and scientific discovery. Our members form a community that shares a vision for the future of New Zealand’s science, education and innovation sector, and participate in creating an environment where that vision is possible.

Acting as a community, rather than as an individual organisation enables economies of scale—increasing purchasing power for collective network services and helping accelerate change in the sector.