June 1st, 2017

At REANNZ we always keep a watchful eye over what's happening on our network, and in both March and May this year we saw dramatic increases in total traffic volume, i.e. traffic going both to and from our member organisations. In March, for the first time since the network was built over 10 years ago, more that 7 petabytes (PB), (approximately 7,000,000 gigabytes), of data was transferred in a single month across the research, education and innovation community. And then in May, another 7 PB of data was transferred, a huge increase over the previous years, as shown by the graph below. 

REANNZ total traffic

We often see a slow start to the year in terms of traffic volume because most of the users of the REANNZ network are university students and researchers who are on their summer break. We also see a dip in April with the Easter holidays, but given May's traffic it's clear to see they are well and truly back on campus now and using the REANNZ network.

While other internet service providers might start worrying about the strain this increased use would put on their network, at the REANNZ offices we are celebrating. This is exactly what we want to see across the research, education and innovation sectors - the more our network is being used, and the faster researchers are able to share their data, the easier collaboration becomes.