November 16th, 2016

Following the earthquakes and bad weather that have affected New Zealand, we have been in touch with our membership about the status of the national R&E network. Currently all of our backbone services are functioning as normal and none of them are in a jeopardy state. All REANNZ services remained fully operational throughout the activities and we still have 24/7 monitoring and support. Our network is fully diverse, so if one link goes down traffic can still travel around New Zealand and out to the world. See our weathermap for the current status on the network.

Our Head of Networks, David Brownlie, says the following:

"REANNZ has multiple diverse paths between the North and South Island.  As far as we are aware there are no jeopardy situations or additional risk at this point.  We have carefully selected paths that are geographically diverse to mitigate the risk associated with any event in the area.

The primary path is based on a cable that leaves Wellington at Miramar and doesn't land in the South Island until it is south of Kaikoura before continuing to Christchurch.  We have seen a very short link drop on this service but understand that it is stable and not at risk.

We also have a secondary path that leaves Cable Bay on the south coast of Wellington and lands in Blenheim.  This path does not follow the coast but goes inland through Hanmer Springs to Christchurch.  While this has been the epicentre of much of the seismic activity the service has been very stable and we are not aware of any issues.

The third path we have available leaves the North Island at Otaki and lands in Nelson, taking a path that is further to the north of Cook Straight.  From Nelson the path physically goes through Greymouth before crossing back to Christchurch.

We believe that the issues facing other providers are related to the fibre path that follows the highway around the coast from Blenheim to Kaikoura.  REANNZ had fibre on this path until 2010 but no longer utilise any services that take this route.

We will maintain a close watch on all of these services and any change in status will result in you being notified immediately."

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at any time.

On Monday we were unable to get in to our Wellington office, but staff from around the city and the country still managed to keep working and even join our Monday morning team catch up: