October 10th, 2016

The internet was created as a tool for open communication, to overcome physical boundaries and create a place for conversation, education and innovation.  Effective use of this tool today enables discovery, gives voice to minorities and the underprivileged and creates economic opportunities across the globe.  These opportunities are limited only by our imagination, and the manner in which we protect the information we share.  

Internet attacks are a real and everyday threat to any New Zealander with access to the internet, be it through a phone, tablet or computer.  These attacks target individuals, businesses, schools and government agencies around the country.  As it is our personal and professional responsibility to secure the physical buildings and infrastructure in which we live and work, it is also imperative that we take measures to secure our online presence.

“...we have a shared responsibility when it comes to raising the standard of cyber security in New Zealand. Every step taken by individuals, the private sector and government agencies that advances cyber security benefits us all. This is a shared problem that requires an approach entrenched in partnerships.” - Hon Amy Adams, Communications Minister

Security is one of the cornerstones of our mission at REANNZ.  The internet offers our universities, research institutes and training organisations incredible potential to create efficiencies within their business, collaborate with colleagues around the globe, and seek answers to our society’s most challenging questions.  But in order to tap into this potential, we must take precautions, invest in smart technology and do our utmost to ensure our communication channel to the world is secure.

10-14 October 2016 is Connect Smart week, a series of events organised and supported by our government in effort to increase awareness of cyber security and the steps we need to take to protect ourselves and our businesses online.

Cyber security - what is at stake for New Zealand

The Connect Smart team have put together some good resources on how to start the conversation at your workplace, or at home, and create an action plan for protecting the information that belongs to you and your business. 

REANNZ resources on internet security