April 17th, 2015

4K medical visualisation in Queenstown (again!)

Here at REANNZ, we provide the technology and the expertise to extend the capabilities of researchers, educators and practitioners using high speed networking and ultra-high resolution 4K video (Quad HD or UHDTV). As part of eResearch NZ 2015, REANNZ, in partnership with CESNET, the national e-infrastructure for science, research, development and education in Czech Republic, demonstrated a streaming 4K medical visualisation from Prague to Queenstown over the global eResearch and ... Continue reading →
January 7th, 2015

4K video, progress and workflow

The headline of the article caught my eye: ‘Animators face 4K film technology “challenge”‘.  The article, from the BBC , speaks mostly about storage and the cost of flash-based systems. And I totally agree that moving to 4K video will require huge amounts of fast storage. However, I am curious about how actual workflows and pipelines are going to change. I know that flash-based storage is going to remain important. But ... Continue reading →