September 22nd, 2017

Faucet Foundation news

REANNZ is a proud supporter of the Faucet Foundation, whose board is very pleased to announce it's formal registration as an incorporated society. Continue reading →
January 26th, 2017

Ruru: visualise international traffic flows in real-time

During the last three months of 2016, REANNZ had an intern from the Networked System Research Lab of the University of Glasgow working with us, Richard Cziva. Richard has been thinking about how to better understand the quality of the service perceived by our members. Continue reading →
May 31st, 2016

REANNZ intern tests SDN applications

Two months ago Se-Young Yu, a PhD student from the University of Auckland, started his 10 week Future Funds internship placement at REANNZ. Now Se-Young is a PhD graduate, having successfully defended his thesis, and he is off to take a postdoctoral position in Paris. We wish him all the best. Continue reading →
July 13th, 2015

REANNZ deploys New Zealand’s first organisation-wide SDN switch

Today REANNZ has announced that its office in Wellington is running entirely on a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) switch, believed to be the first organisation in New Zealand to deploy this technology across the whole business. REANNZ is New Zealand’s own national research and education network (NREN), providing Kiwi researchers and scientists with the ultra fast network that allows them to store and share data and collaborate with other researchers ... Continue reading →
November 13th, 2014

REANNZ partners demonstrate another world first

REANNZ is pleased to announce our participation in the world’s first end-to-end, trans-Pacific, SDN BGP Multi-AS network. In cooperation with Corsa Technologies, ESnet, and Google’s research deployment at Victoria University we were able to build an IP transit network managed as SDN domains that passed through three Autonomous Systems (AS).  The Corsa hardware was able to hold the full internet route table. This is further evidence of the ... Continue reading →