Our Cloud Connect Service enables you to use your ultra-high-speed, high-performance REANNZ network connection to connect with the cloud service provider/s of your choice, and achieve considerable costs savings and efficiency benefits for your organisation.

Benefits to REANNZ members

Cost effective

  • Use your existing REANNZ network connection to link with the data centre.
  • REANNZ members who use AWS will have their data egress fees waived.
  • REANNZ members who use MS Azure can negotiate with Microsoft for a fee waiver if they are an “approved education institution”.

Choice of provider

  • Connect with your choice of cloud service provider: Amazon AWS ‘DirectConnect’ and Microsoft Azure ‘ExpressRoute’ are currently available. Ask us about other options.
  • REANNZ members can leverage off their membership to gain benefits through the Internet2 NET+ initiative to access other cloud services.

Secure connectivity

  • Our private dedicated connectivity bypasses the public internet, providing predictable latency and high-performance access, from your premises or data centre, to your cloud environment.

Reliability & performance

  • REANNZ delivers 99.99% reliable network connectivity.
  • REANNZ Cloud Connect Service provides a dedicated private tunnelled point-to-point layer-2 VLAN connection to your cloud service provider, and between your current cloud service provider and data centre, head office, or co-location environment.
  • REANNZ’s dedicated private connection will reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput and improve application performance.


  •  Different bandwidths provide flexibility to scale up to meet changing requirements

For more information, contact engagement@reannz.co.nz