• Get trusted identity credentials directly from our member organisations.
  • Reduced user support requirements — identity details are managed by the user’s organisation, so no more password resets for you.
  • Provide your service to all our member organisations, but only enable it once.
  • You decide who can access your service, and Tuakiri provides the authentication to allow access.

How it works

  1. Apply to REANNZ to become a service provider for the Tuakiri federation.
  2. Complete the technical set-up to enable access to your service.
  3. Register your service provider into the federation.
  4. Our member organisations will provide you with the identity information you need to provide access to their users (if you need access control).
  5. You maintain your service and add access to new member organisations as required.

What it costs

There is currently no cost to provide your service or resource to our members.

Technical info

Our federated identity services are run on Shibboleth, a globally-used single-sign-on (SSO) solution for accessing online services with the user's organisation identity.

You’ll need to install the Shibboleth SP software on the server running your service. Shibboleth runs on Linux, Mac, Solaris and Windows operating system.

You can find detailed technical information on our wiki.

Get started

Email us at Engagement@reannz.co.nz for more information.