We are a full service internet provider, connecting our members to national and international internet.

The REANNZ internet connectivity provides our members with the fast, dedicated connection that research, education and innovation organisations require to compete in the global environment.

Our members have access to a 40Gbps Science Wave internet connection that is dedicated solely to research traffic. Researchers and educators can move more than 100TB per day from campus-to-campus in support of their research.

Users access commodity internet (cat videos, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.) through dedicated commodity connections, supported by caches for major content providers. However, the benefits of REANNZ internet are much more obvious when researchers share large datasets with other researchers or collaborators around the world.

Capabilities and features

  • Uncontested access.
  • Dedicated speed that is consistently reliable.
  • Connections at speeds of 1 and 10 Gbps per member (10 Gbps is about 100TB per day).
  • Able to provide 100 Gbps services upon request (and payment).
  • Caches from a number of major content providers.
  • National settlement-free peering.

Who can use this service

The REANNZ internet service is available to all REANNZ members. This includes the national and international commodity internet and access to the 40Gbps Science Wave for science and research communication.

Unlimited national commodity internet connectivity and access to the Science Wave is included in the cost of membership. International commodity connectivity is purchased separately with costs based on fixed bandwidth.

Read more about our membership.

How our members connect to or use this service

In order to have access to REANNZ internet organisations must already be a member of REANNZ and be connected to the national network.

Technical info and support

We have a highly qualified team of engineers and consultants who can assist in the resolution of national and international internet faults and adjust purchased capacity to meet our members’ technology needs.

If you are a new or existing member, please visit our support section for more information on using REANNZ internet and monitoring its performance.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your organisation’s connection and have not received an email from us to advise of a known fault, please contact call our 24/7 service desk on 0508 466 466 or complete the report a fault form.