We believe that New Zealand has something unique to offer the world

That uniqueness rests largely in our local talent and resources, and our ability to turn ideas and flow of information into economic growth. In our office and on our members’ campuses, we promote new ways of thinking, challenging the status quo and experimenting with and testing new ideas.

Innovation is in our blood stream

It forms the backbone of the network and services we offer at REANNZ. We work tirelessly to give researchers, scientists and educators the tools they need to succeed at their jobs. In most cases this involves connecting Kiwi researchers and their data with their colleagues, co-workers or collaborators at overseas institutions. 

Access to the products and services REANNZ provides makes researchers’ jobs easier. It takes their mind away from the technical details of storing and transporting their data and frees them up to do what they do best: science.

Advancing science at a faster pace

When our country’s best and brightest are free to do what they are great at, it creates a ripple effect. They attract others to them: more funding, more international colleagues coming to our shores and more interest in what our country has to offer. That ripple effect helps advance science at a faster pace, while enhancing the reputation of the researcher or educator, their organisation or institution and New Zealand Inc. as a whole.

We think this sums it up pretty well:

High quality science and innovation can have a transformational effect on a nation. Research and development investment offers the power to increase economic productivity and competitiveness and improve health, social and environmental outcomes in unprecedented ways.
National Statement of Science Investment: 2014-2024; Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, May 2014