We operate a nation-wide high capacity, high-speed computer network service, connecting New Zealand research, education and innovation organisations to one another, and to the rest of the world.

REANNZ national network

REANNZ national network


Any research or education discipline that uses data can be improved by high-speed networking — and today that’s nearly all of them. We’re seeing improvements in fields like genomics, climate research, radio astronomy, materials discovery, humanities and the social sciences. Networks even allow scientists to gain remote access one-of-a-kind scientific instruments, like the Large Hadron Collider or electron microscopes, that were once only accessible by researchers working at those institutions.

The core network runs the length of New Zealand, from Invercargill to Warkworth and is optimised to support Kiwi researchers, connecting them to their instruments, data and collaborators. The network is designed for ‘big data’, connecting most members at 10Gbps — or about 1,000 times faster than your standard DSL connection.

Capabilities and features


National network uptime


International network uptime

  • An uncontested 40Gbps international research and education connection, from Auckland to Sydney and Auckland to Los Angeles (equivalent to 18TB per hour).
  • A dedicated presence at the two international cable points in New Zealand: Whenuapai and Takapuna 100Gbps high-capacity network circling Auckland City. 1 and 10Gbps connections nationwide.
  • Managed and unmanaged connections, depending on the requirements of the member.
  • Low latency: average of 120 milliseconds between Auckland and Los Angeles.
  • Designed to be physically resilient to any disconnection.
  • ‘Shared network’ with Vocus. We own 25% of the equipment used to light the cable. What we own, we control, so if we want more capacity, we simply deploy more equipment in the chassis we share with Vocus.
  • 26 points of presence (PoPs) around the country
  • Built using Infinera optical hardware and Juniper hardware in all PoPs.
  • Option of large frame sizes: up to 9000 byte frames, compared to 1500 for a typical internet service provider (ISP).
  • Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint services.
  • We own and manage all of our routers and switches.
  • 24/7 engineering support with a one hour response time for urgent change requests.
  • Border gateway protocol (BGP) peering.
  • On-network caches from a number of major content providers.

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Who can use the network?

The REANNZ network exists for the sole purpose of enabling research, education and innovation. As a result, our members consist of New Zealand’s universities, Crown Research Institutes, Wānanga, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, and other research, education and innovation organisations.

Read more about our membership.

How our members connect to this service

Members connect to our core network. They can either connect themselves or we can connect to them. We tailor the connection to meet our members needs.

In cases where we connect members to our core network, we can provide:

  • A managed access service. We connect a member's site(s) to our core network, we light one end of the fibre, monitor it and fix/upgrade it when necessary.
  • A managed edge service. We place a switch or router on our member's site(s), we manage the entire connection from that box to the PoP (we light, monitor, fix and upgrade both ends).
  • A dedicated point to point service across our DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplex) platform with a dedicated wavelength, which provides high capacity and predictable latency.
  • Point to point or multipoint private connections, traditionally thought of as a wide area network (WAN). This service can be used to connect one member's different sites together, or to connect a community that exists within several member locations, allowing them to share data and resources.

We work with our members to design and build bespoke solutions depending on requirements. Members can choose their hardware parameters, the speed at which they want to connect to the network and the way in which their connection is resilient to faults. 

Members pay a one-off installation fee and an ongoing monthly fee. The amount and structure of fees depend on the bespoke solution we build with them. 

REANNZ has a dedicated network operations team that support the network 24/7, proactively monitoring critical components and responding to any issue that may impact performance.

REANNZ has multiple caches deployed across the network bringing the content your users want closer to you. Cache traffic is classified as a domestic REANNZ service and is therefore delivered to you at line rate and is not considered to be part of the committed REANNZ internet service.

Once connected, there are a variety of other products and services that can protect or enhance the member’s network experience, such as a Science DMZ.

Technical info and support

We have a highly qualified team of engineers and consultants who can assist in the resolution of national and international internet faults and adjust purchased capacity to meet our members’ technology needs.If you are a new or existing member, please visit our support section for more information on using REANNZ internet and monitoring its performance.

For more information about PoP locations, please visit our Network support section. You can also check out the REANNZ Weathermap to view total national network throughput.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your organisation's connection and have not received an email from us to advise of a known fault, please contact call our 24/7 service desk on 0508 466 466 or complete the report a fault form.

REANNZ may monitor the use of and/or interaction with our network and services for cybersecurity purposes, we may use third party service providers to facilitate this monitoring.