February 18th, 2015

Activating rate-limiting on international commodity Internet

The international commodity Internet services that we launched in August 2014 has had a great uptake amongst our membership. The majority of our members are currently using the service and the bandwidth usage is steadily increasing. The international Internet commodity network is owned by AARNet, our advanced network colleagues in Australia. We purchase this service from AARNet and pass the offering on to our members, enabling universities, research entities and ... Continue reading →
March 10th, 2014

Name and Shame (or, NTP saga part 2)

Members, On 17 Feb we wrote about the NTP DoS attacks and our response. Last week, we scanned our network and still found unpatched NTP servers. We sent the below (after the jump) note to members who had unpatched NTP servers. The note states that on Friday 7 Mar 2014 (today), we will run the scan again. Organisations who continue to have unpatched servers will be listed in a follow ... Continue reading →
February 17th, 2014

Things that we do in the background

Last week, you may have heard news reports about a denial of service attack. The attack was noticed by REANNZ, but we wanted to take a few steps behind the scenes to help people protect themselves before we made a public statement. This is fairly common practice when there is a security problem– give people a (short amount of) time to protect themselves and then publicly talk about the vulnerability ... Continue reading →