Our federated identity services are run on Shibboleth, a globally-used single-sign-on (SSO) solution.

Shibboleth is based on the SAML (2.0) standard and provides primarily browser-based SSO.

As an identity provider, you’ll need to run Shibboleth IdP on a standalone Linux system or virtual machine, connected to your user directory.

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Installation requirements

You’ll need to install the right Tuakiri distribution for your version of Linux. In terms of hardware, we recommend a minimum of:

  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB diskspace
  • Linux distribution RHEL 7 or CentOS 6.
You can find detailed technical information on our wiki.

For help with the set-up process or more information, email Engagement@reannz.co.nz.

Directory requirements

You’ll need an up-to-date user directory containing identity details of all your users. Within your directory you’ll also define user roles, eg staff, tutor, student.

Selected user attributes from this directory are passed directly to our service providers, allowing them to provide the right level of access to your users.