Our focus is on improving the business of education, research and innovation.

As organisations grow and change the match between requirements and capability often gets out of sync. That's where we can help. Our highly-skilled engineers and consultants work with our members as their organisation's evolve to ensure the organisation's network capability meets the growing requirements of their researchers, educators and staff.

Our objective is always to support our member's goals and find solutions that work best for them. For this reason we are product agnostic. A technical solution is never 'one size fits all', so we will work together with IT staff and management within member organisation's to do current state and capability assessments which inform the products we recommend.

Capabilities and features

Here are some of the professional services we offer:

  • Network architecture design
  • Network performance management
  • Networking software development
  • Software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Proposal design and review
  • Community procurement management
  • Project management
  • Last mile connectivity

Who can use this service

Our professional services are offered to all REANNZ members, regardless of the size of the business or their network requirements. Read more about REANNZ membership.

Technical info and support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your organisation's connection and have not received an email from us to advise of a known fault, please contact call our 24/7 service desk on 0508 466 466 or complete the report a fault form.