At an institutional level, our members have varying security requirements and are all at different phases in their asset and technology refresh cycles. At a community level, many of our members have a similar need in terms of protection, visibility and information.

We are developing a customised managed firewall service to meet the requirements of our member institutions and the wider research and education community. 

Security is fully integrated into modern networking. While it provides protection and demonstrates good risk governance, it also introduces operational and performance challenges. We address this tension by fully understanding of our members’ requirements, our technology choices, the manner in which we deploy and manage technology and the solutions we are developing for our members.

Our firewall service philosophy is founded on three key principles:

  • Operate: We cost-effectively operate your organisation’s firewall technology. We optimise performance, operational management and address the governance risks.
  • Improve: We develop an intimate understanding of your organisation’s security requirements and challenges to ensure that we provide visibility, performance and protection that improve your current security state.
  • Transform: Our focus is on advanced security solutions that will help transform your organisation from traditional network capability to advanced network capability. The solution that we offer help ensure your organisation is prepared to tackle the performance challenges of the future.

Capabilities and features

  • 24/7 service management.
  • Traffic visibility.
  • Reporting.
  • Consultancy and professional services.

Who can use this service

Our managed firewall service is available to all REANNZ members. Read more about our membership.

To discuss managed firewall services and to find a solution that meets your organisation’s current and future security requirements, please contact our engagement team.

Technical info and support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your organisation’s connection and have not received an email from us to advise of a known fault, please contact call our 24/7 service desk on 0508 466 466 or complete the report a fault form.