This page contains support information about REANNZ internet access. For a general overview of our internet service please go to our services section.

New members

If you are a new member or contemplating becoming a member, there are three key things you will want to have a think about before we can connect you to the network and REANNZ internet.

  1. Connectivity options between your site(s) and the REANNZ network
  2. Ensuring the costs of the links fit within your budget
  3. Self-managed vs. REANNZ-managed edge devices

Please send us an email if you would like to discuss any of these items or get estimated pricing.

Existing members

Check the Weathermap to view total national network throughput, unicast packets and broadcast packets to and from the PoP your campus connects to. The Weathermap also provides a live overview of the national network and traffic flow around the country.

We send a PDF report of your national network usage, international commodity internet usage and 'Science Wave' usage on a monthly basis. This is emailed to the senior level IT staff at member organisations. To be added to the list of people who receive the monthly report for your organisation, please contact our engagement team.

If you would like to increase your international commodity internet capacity, please contact our engagement team and we will provide estimated costs and place an order for your upgrade.

Technical difficulties

If we experience technical difficulties with either the national or international internet connection we will notify all members who are affected as soon as we are aware of the problem.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your national or international internet connection and have not received an email from us to advise of a known fault, please call our 24/7 service desk on 0508 466 466 or complete the report a fault form.